We specialize in developing add-on products that expand, enhance and streamline the core ACCPAC® functionality. All of our developments are compatible with ACCPAC® Advantage Series v5.0, v5.1, v5.2 and v5.3.
  A few of the customizations that have been developed are:
Web.OS - An online Sales Order system that integrates with ACCPAC Order Entry, Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable and optionally with ACCPAC Serialized Inventory & Lot Tracking
Loading Sheets / Order Authorization - Track authorization of OE Sales Orders. Select Sales Orders by Customer Route, Generate Loading Sheets based on selected Orders and Auto-Invoice Sales Orders by Loading Sheet.
Expected Delivery Date Calculation - Calculate next available Delivery Dates for Customer Sales Orders (e.g. Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly Deliveries only on certain days - Mondays only, Mondays and Wednesdays etc.)
Discount Matrix - Calculate up to 5 additional Order/Invoice/Credit Note discounts (amount and/or percentage) per line item. The back-office module allows Customer/Category/Item sales targets to be used in automatically calculating and processing rebate/discount Credit Notes.
Production Sheets - Although specifically designed for the Maize Milling industry, the product allows any production to be captured in an easy to understand user interface. The product will then update ACCPAC Inventory via Bills of Material (assemblies) and/or Adjustments. A great time saver!
Quote Copy - Automatically create quotes from any Quote or Sales Order, or ranges of Quotes and Sales Orders to any other Customer (standard ACCPAC functionality only allows quotes to be copied to the same customer).
OE Multiple Documents - Define unique document ranges for Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments and Invoices for customers based on Account Set, Group, Delivery Method or Salesperson.  

AutoCalc IC Adjustment Extended Moving Averages - Automatically calculate the extended value of Quantity & Cost adjustments made with the IC Adjustment function.
CSV Converter - Convert pre-version 5.0 General Ledger Import Files from 3rd Party Products into General Ledger v5.0 - v5.3 compatible format.
Items by Ship-to Locations - Restricts OE Sales Orders/Invoices/Credit Notes lines to authorized IC items per AR Ship-to Location.
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